What is the difference between posts and pages in WordPress

What is the difference between posts and pages in WordPress

For a new WordPress user the difference between posts and pages might not be clear. They both use the same editor, featured image and publish settings. So how are they different?

WordPress post: A WordPress post always part of something bigger. You have to assign a post to one or more categories. They will be automatically displayed in chronological order and can be filtered for categories and tags. They are very limited in terms of styling.

WordPress Page: A WordPress Page is a static page, it has no category or tags. However you can still modify it. The appearance of pages can be modified by custom templates that come with most themes. Often they also include “page builders” to create good looking layouts.

When to use pages

Pages are best used for things that have no relations to other items on your website. For example a privacy policy or contact us page. It would not make much sense to stick these together in a category. They are separate items.

But there are other applications!

As an added bonus pages offer a lot more flexibility in terms of design. A lot of themes offer “page builders” that allow you to drop and drag beautiful layouts. In WordPress a Page is the only way to create a beautiful and uniquely styled website. You simply cannot do it with posts.


A good application for pages would be a company website. Often these contain a lot of static information. For example “About us” or a sales pitch about your products. These are not items you “blog” about weekly. They are an important part of your website and are there to stay. You might update them once in a while but you do not want them to get ‘pushed down’ by new content. As an added bonus you get to use cool designs using the page builders mentioned above.

In conclusion pages are best used for pretty much anything other than timely blogging.

When to use posts

Imagine you are writing a series of tutorials about cars. Now you have to choose between using a series of pages and a series of posts.

Choosing pages for this purposes is not ideal because these will not automatically show up on your website. You would have to give each page a permanent place in your navigation menu. Because it is not possible to use categories and tags on pages it will also become hard for your viewers to navigate between articles.

A much better way is to write your car tutorial series in posts. For example you could create you could create a category named cars. Now the first time you start writing these tutorials you will add the car category to your navigation menu. From now on each post you write that is set to cars will now automatically show up on this page! Users can view all car tutorials by clicking the associated category.


So if you plan to write regularly about a certain topic then you should write them in posts.

To summarize post or  page

  • Use Posts for blogging
  • Use Pages for the rest (Product pages, Contact Us, About us, Privacy Policy, etc)

Key differences between post and pages

  • Pages are sorted on hierarchy, posts chronologically
  • Pages can have custom design templates, posts can not
  • Posts have tags and categories, pages do not
  • Posts are included in RSS feeds, pages do not


Questions about this article, did I miss something? Feel free to ask around in the comments.